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Carta Worldwide Team

CARTA named as one of top FinTechs in Canada

CARTA is honoured to be included in the Digital Finance Institute’s list of Top 50 Canadian FinTechs, alongside local and world-leading innovators in the financial technology industry.

To prepare the list of Canada’s Top 50 FinTech Companies, the Institute conducted market research and informational interviews with stakeholders to gather data to help identify the leading companies in Canada. A number of factors, such as disruption of service, scalability, growth, external adoption and innovation were taken into consideration when compiling the list of the top 50 companies. In assessing the factors, we standardized the ranges of numeric variables and measured each company’s score index by calculating the weighted average under the comprehensive consideration of the determining factors listed above. The companies listed represent a wide diversity of sub – sectors in FinTech, capital markets, insurance, Blockchain, RegTech, payments and finance.

We are grateful for the input and insight we received from the FinTech and finance community across Canada while researching this report and congratulations to all of Canada’s Top 50 FinTech Companies.

The Digital Finance Institute is a think tank for digital finance with three foundational pillars – financial inclusion, responsible innovation, and support for women in FinTech. Today, the Institute is run by Millennials, which we believe is important for Canada’s digital economy revolution. In our work, we represent a strategic link in the digital finance ecosystem among the financial services sector. NGO’s, academia, financial regulators and policy makers to promote financial innovation and vibrancy through thought leadership, engagement, advocacy, research and education. That strategic link comes together at APEC 2019, for example, where the institute is invited to give a talk on AI, banking and regulation to the 21 member countries, which helps promote Canadian innovation.

The Top 50 FinTech Companies report is available at,