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Digital banks are disrupting an otherwise traditional category to meet the demands of a new market. Consumers expect transparency, affordability, access and more from their banks. Carta’s platform can provide digital-first solutions, allowing banks to create customizable cards and a seamless customer experience.
  • Full authorization control
  • Connected to banking ecosystem
  • Enhanced data & real-time services
  • Tokenization ready
Fast-moving, competitive markets require instant, error-free payments. Our virtual cards and API-driven controls allow for quick and secure money movement, funding payments in real time on any device or channel.
  • Physical & virtual cards
  • Real-time card payments
  • Enhanced transaction data & controls
  • Open APIs
Card issuance and payment management have changed for the corporate world; employees are using their own card products for expenses; they want reliable payments and benefit reimbursement, and more. Carta can issue cards at a large scale using open APIs, with custom spending controls, and can fund expenses instantly. Individual employees and teams can track, manage and report their expenses easily.

Carta also applies these benefits to other corporate and B2B payments between funds.
  • Physical & virtual cards
  • Enhanced transaction data & controls
  • Open APIs
  • Build & customize
Forms of lending have modernized to meet the unique needs of a faster-moving market. Buying and spending have become more instantaneous, and so has lending. Our platform offers modernized forms of corporate and consumer lending; our virtual cards allow lenders to fund borrowers instantly and we work with global credit card networks to allow services like “buy now pay later” lending.
  • Physical & virtual cards
  • Full authorization control
  • Enhanced transaction data & controls
  • Open APIs
Our platform is built for scale, meaning you get reliable solutions that meet the demands of public sector and institutional payments. Traditional payment methods, like cheques or bank transfers, are slow and inefficient, not to mention inconvenient. When you need to quickly and efficiently disburse funds to large groups, our solutions deliver while also optimizing transparency and reducing fraud risk.
  • Physical & virtual cards
  • Built for scale
  • Enhanced transaction data & controls
  • Open APIs
Carta’s modern API-driven payment platform allows our clients to develop programmatic payment card products that integrate directly into your technology stack. The result is seamless connectivity to global payment card rails that create new solutions for cryptocurrency payments, as well as investment and trading platforms. A solution we believe sets you up for a more successful future.
  • Physical & virtual cards
  • Full authorization control
  • Enhanced transaction data & controls
  • Open APIs
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Secure and scalable
issuing solutions

You can trust the stability of our platform to power innovative financial services and payment products.

Real-time Funding

Transaction Control

Rules based


Developer ready

Card issuance and management

Carta offers a well-rounded range of consumer, corporate and custom solutions. Our extensive technology services include everything from card management to customer services.

Contact and contactless card

EMV: Contact and Contactless Cards

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Virtual and Digital Account Solutions

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Prepaid Cards: GPR, Gift Cards and Other

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Debit and Decoupled Debit

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Restricted Authorization Network

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Multicurrency and F/X

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Private Label and Merchant Solutions

Programmable prepaid, debit
and credit cards

Scalable prepaid programs for large customer bases.

Fully configurable platform that will quickly launch your programs.

Certified as a Mastercard and Visa third-party processor.

Open and closed-loop solutions that are PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant.

The highest level of security and reliability in transaction processing.

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