Carta Offers a Next-Gen Technology Stack Engineered for the Digital and Emerging Transaction Ecosystem

The modular layers allow you to leverage an integrated end-to-end solution, or access any of the functionality independently to enhance existing systems. This open architecture enables unparalleled capability for development, deployment and management of world-leading transaction solutions.

Modern Technology Stack
for Digital Commerce

Mobile Enablement Solutions

Client application enablement for leading edge digital and mobile transaction solutions.

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  • Complete cloud based payments
  • Tokenization services for cloud & secure element models
  • Wearables payment applications
  • Mobile money & custom applications

Intelligent Transaction Control

Dynamic transaction intelligence layer creates powerful links across payment services and enables enhanced user experiences, value and security.

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  • Account mapping & transaction routing
  • Multi-tier authorization controls
  • Mobile & token processing functions
  • Instant issue single use & virtual accounts
  • Multi-currency, loyalty, & VAS transaction functions

Issuer Processing & Card Management

Global transaction processing with industry leading stability, security, and scalability.

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  • Payment network certified, & proprietary closed loop transaction processing
  • Multi-Device: virtual, mobile, EMV contact & contactless
  • Global Capability – Multi currency, multi-Language
Powering Innovation For Industry Leaders

“Carta’s technology has given Westpac the flexibility to have a roadmap that provides open future options.”

“Carta is the only provider that offers everything our customers need for efficient and secure mobile payments.”

“The most notable feature is how easy it is for users to add their credit cards to their phone.”

Carta’s Platform