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Card issuance

Create physical and virtual cards.

Digital first

Tokenize and integrate cards to digital wallets.

Advanced security

Use our platform for safe authorization, settlement and data and risk management.

Global reach

Get connected to global payment networks, banking and industry partners.

Core features and capabilities

  • Transaction Controls

    Set dynamic spending controls, like limiting certain locations or number of transactions, to reduce the risk of fraud for your customers.

  • Real-Time Funds

    Release funds and authorize each transaction, instantly. Carta’s platform automatically moves funds from the source to the appropriate account at the time of transaction.

  • Multi-currency & F/X

    Access global capabilities with multi-currency transactions and multi-language functionalities.

  • PCI Widgets

    We provide customizable widgets for your customers that are Payment Card Industry compliant. You can have peace of mind knowing that your transactions are backed by high security standards for card data.

  • Delegated Authorization

    Get full program control and customization options that allow you to make real-time, transaction-authorization decisions. After all, you should decide how your card program operates, not the payment networks.

  • Open API & Webhooks

    Create unique card experiences with activity monitoring and API connections to other card programs.

Modern API issuer processing

Authorization Request Flow

  • Consumer
  • 1
  • Merchant
  • 2
  • Card Network
  • 3
  • 4
  • Card Program

Authorization Response Flow

Card Program Rules

  • Lending
  • Crypto
  • Multi-FX
  • Trade
  • Rewards
  • Custom Controls

Authorization Card Flow

  1. Transaction initiated
  2. Merchant acquirer sends request to card network
  3. Card network routes transaction to Carta for authorization response
  4. API integration + issuer tools enable advanced, real-time transaction logic
  5. Carta transmits the response back to the card network
  6. The card network routes response to the merchant
  7. Purchase is completed

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