Reimagining the future of payments

We’re a modern issuer processing platform that enables innovators around the globe to quickly deploy payment products.

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Our Approach

Built for developers

Built for Fintech Developers

Innovation is at the forefront of our API-driven platform. Our flexible, technologically-advanced card issuance platform is designed to put fintech developers in control, so they can build and power new payment solutions.

partnership collaboration

Collaborative Partnership

Working with Carta means you get a partner that understands how to build and scale payment products, providing tailored solutions to help your business grow.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

Our technology allows us to get you in-market quicker. After all, we know you have to compete in a fast-paced, digital world.

Powering Fintech Leaders

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Our Platform Features


The modular architecture and advanced API layer of our platform allows you to customize and build physical and virtual programs to meet your needs.

Advanced Transaction Controls

Set dynamic spending controls, transaction intelligence and real-time authorizations that deliver insight and total control over every payment.

Multi-Product Support

We have advanced solutions for Debit, Prepaid and Credit Card issuance for physical or virtual cards to support endless product innovation.

Stability & Security

Our platform offers full authorization, settlement, data and risk management, so you’re able to manage payments safely and securely.


Carta’s platform easily integrates with a modern, global payment ecosystem as well as the banking and industry partners needed for you to deliver comprehensive product solutions.


The world’s payment systems are changing, and we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve by integrating features such as blockchain and Bitcoin, or working towards best-in-class sustainability practices.

Take it from our clients

“Carta’s platform scaled with us as our business evolved, helping us grow and launch the Wise multi-currency borderless debit cards to our customers in new markets around the globe.”
Erik Kaju, Head of Engineering at Wise

Powering Innovation

Digital Banking

Carta allows new disruptors and existing banks to deliver digital-first financial solutions for consumers and businesses.

Online Platforms

Instant, API-driven controls power a new generation of solutions for quick and secure money movement, on any device or channel.

Corporate Payments

Easily manage cards for corporate and B2B payments, expense management, and employee payments and benefits.

Lending & Credit

Carta offers new and modernized forms of corporate and consumer lending, integrated to merchant and corporate platforms and connected to global card rails.

Institutional Programs

Everything in our platform is built for scale, meaning you get reliable solutions that meet the demands of public sector and institutional payments.

Crypto & Investing

We provide connectivity to global payment card rails that create new solutions for cryptocurrency payments and investment and trading platforms.

About Carta

In 2008, we saw how the world of digital payments was changing at a rapid pace. Legacy payment systems weren’t designed to meet the complex needs of the new financial ecosystem, so we built a platform from the ground up—architected for the future of payments.

Since the beginning, our vision has been to allow our partners to grow their business in a fast-paced, modern and digital landscape.

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