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allpay chooses Carta Worldwide to spearhead payment platform

allpay chooses Carta Worldwide to spearhead payment platform

Carta Worldwide is pleased to announce that allpay has selected Carta to launch three new Prepaid programs – an emergency relief programme (instant issuance), a travel expense/corporate card, and a government benefits programme with ‘SmartConnect’.

allpay will migrate its current government disbursement prepaid card programmes over to Carta’s fully customisable platform and next-generation processor. The existing Instant Issue and Universal Credit benefits Prepaid card programmes will be enhanced by Carta’s unparalleled efficiency, stability coupled with the highest level of reliability and security.

With Carta’s platform, allpay can set up new disbursement programs quickly for government agencies with no costly infrastructure investments. allpay can also modify and customise its programmes easily with an online self-service administrative portal per council. Carta’s technology will enable allpay’s users with banking lite features – bill payments and pre-authorised debits and credits – and Raphaels Bank will be the sponsor bank for these programmes.

allpay’s disbursement programs have a significant, positive, social impact to communities all over the United Kingdom. With the scalability and next-generation nature of Carta’s platform, allpay is future-proofing its services to grow and adapt as technology changes.

Kevin McAdam, Prepaid Director at allpay, added: “We are delighted to partner with Carta Worldwide and launch to the market a highly configurable platform, which is supported by a proven and reliable processing functionality that meets both our immediate needs and also provides us the structure to develop and grow our prepaid portfolio in line with our strategic objectives. Additionally, we are pleased to have an innovative bank like Raphaels to act as the sponsor for these programmes.”

Brian Semkiw, Carta Worldwide’s CEO commented: “allpay is one of the largest companies in the UK providing government disbursements”. Adding “its conversion from a legacy system to our next-gen processing platform is exciting for us especially given the vital government services that they provide.”

Andrew Downes, General Manager, Raphaels Bank Card Services said: “Raphaels are very proud to be working with allpay and Carta Worldwide as the sponsor bank in delivering this innovative banking lite product.”

allpay’s state of the art card manufacturing facility in Hereford, UK will handle all the card production and fulfillment.