Platform-as-a-Service for Mobile Payments

The world’s only full-service cloud-based payments and tokenization solution for banks and wallet service providers.

End-to-end cloud-based mobile payments

Carta’s PaaS platform offers a complete technology solution – including tokenization, digital credential management, and a rich developer environment – all as a hosted service. The solution supports Host Card Emulation (HCE) NFC proximity payments and remote payments.

Carta’s PaaS solution enables accelerated deployment of cloud-based payments products while minimizing impact on banks’ existing systems. This lowers cost and time associated with testing and certification, and accelerates mobile payment app development.

The PaaS offering allows flexibility to minimize risk associated with new product development as well as agility to adapt as markets and technologies evolve.

Carta’s comprehensive cloud-based payments and tokenization technology offers tailored delivery of:

Pilot and Test Platform: for agile development of mobile payment applications and cloud payment functionality

Platform-as-a-Service: Cloud-hosted software for rapid scalable deployment of HCE mobile payment products with flexible roadmap options

PaaS for Mobile Payment Deployment

What We Think

“PaaS and cloud software models have proven to be highly effective across the tech universe — the cloud approach alleviates constraints on internal IT teams and systems.

In our experience, in-house software solutions can often be expensive and taxing on internal IT resources.

We have always viewed the future of payments as very dynamic, and our PaaS model affords a bank time to get in the market, while at the same time focusing on the ‘core’ differentiating functions centered around the end-user instead of the ‘context’ of back-end systems and processes.”

Rui Mendes, CTO at Carta Worldwide

“Our focus is to enable our clients to adapt with the payments ecosystem. We believe that in the same way that Salesforce unlocked lightweight cloud solutions for enterprise software, Carta’s offering will deliver easily deployed, scalable and low cost solutions for mobile payments.

Banks must always manage risk, which includes the adoption of new technologies. Carta’s PaaS solution eliminates the risk associated with these new technologies and provides open options for the future.”

Brian Semkiw, CEO at Carta Worldwide