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Carta is an award-winning leader in digital transaction processing and enablement technologies, including Cloud Based Payments and Host Card Emulation (HCE), Tokenization, and Value Added Services such as Digital Offers, Loyalty and Stored Value solutions.

Carta empowers banks, MNOs, OEMs, merchants, program managers and others to enable existing cardholder accounts or issue new and innovative products for the digital world. Carta’s unique Cloud Suite platform enables rapid deployment of mobile solutions with breakthrough technology that overcomes technical constraints of existing systems and infrastructure.

Our Story

Since inception, Carta’s vision has been to enable our clients to deliver winning products and services in the modern payments landscape.

In 2008, we viewed the rapidly evolving landscape of payments around the world and saw a disconnect between the disruptive innovation taking place and the legacy systems in market.

A New Platform Needed

The payments landscape is rapidly changing and so a new platform is needed

A Connected World

There are more mobile devices in the world than people—yet banks still use legacy systems created before the cellphone. Carta is designed for a digital, connected world.

The Unbanked and Underbanked

Half the world’s population doesn’t have a bank account or may not even have access to a bank. Carta develops alternative solutions that put banking tools in the palm of their hands.

Social and local

Millennials want services that are social and local—and commerce is no exception. Carta develops dynamic, interactive solutions that adapt with their shifting needs.

Cloud Flexibility

Adaptable, future-proof technology lives in the Cloud, and so does Carta’s flexible hosted solution. Unlike hardware solutions, it can adapt along with connected, digital technology.

Evolving Technology and Standards

Security and technology standards—like EMV, NFC, tokenization and cryptology—are deeply complex barriers. But we know them inside and out.

Value for All

Real success means adding value for everyone in the payment ecosystem—consumers, merchants and banks. Carta’s value-added services ensure everyone comes out on top.

Legacy Infrastructure

Many banks run on infrastructure that was designed before the internet and mobile phones existed. Our next-gen solutions work right alongside legacy infrastructure.

“Carta’s technology allowed us to minimize up-front
IT investment and instead focus on building a holistic
proposition based around best-in-class user experience and
compelling value added services.”
Shane Howell, Chief Product Officer at WestPac NZ

What We Do

Carta’s vision is to enable our clients to deliver winning products and services in the modern payments environment. To this end we:

Power market leading financial products with next-generation transaction processing and card management for prepaid, debit, credit and other custom solutions in card, mobile & digital

Digitally enable existing card portfolios to transact in the digital universe including mobile, NFC, and e-commerce

We’re Different

Our breakthrough technology overcomes the divide between legacy payments systems / infrastructure and the evolving landscape of global commerce, where new consumers, new devices, new technologies and new user experiences necessitate next generation platform, architected for the digital marketplace.

Some of Our Clients and Partners:

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