Dec. 7-8, 2016

The World’s Banking and Payments Leaders Are Coming to Toronto

In Featured, News by Paul Brandner

If you’ve even blinked at any fintech news recently you know Toronto is on the up. It’s the fourth largest city in North America, Canada’s financial hub, a hotbed for tech startups, and a beacon for government support. In fact, Capgemini’s customer experience index ranks Canada in the top position for the second year in a row.

The banking industry is teetering on the cusp of massive change and the potential for disruption is bubbling throughout this city, building momentum and gathering energy. The banking industry was stagnant for decades (remember those paper account books you used forever?) and now fintech is booming—ready to disrupt antiquated processes and refresh the customer experience.

Old banks are going digital, digital banks are issuing plastic, brick and mortar banks are becoming coffee shops and coffee shops are taking mobile payments. Dare I say it? It’s an exciting time to be in banking. And so much of it is happening in Toronto—home to Carta’s global HQ.

That’s why Carta is so excited to be hosting Mobey Day Toronto. For two compelling days, industry leaders and disruptors will come together to truly shape the bank of the future. We’ll look at how both innovation and integration will create new experiences for consumers and merchants.

We’ll dive deep into questions of how traditional banks can incorporate new technology into their existing systems, how machine learning (AI and data) and user interfaces can shape experience and ultimately change people’s behaviour, and how to build the strategy and vision that can guide your organization into a long, exciting future. It’s a chance to explore where the market is going and where technology is leading it. A live UI/UX competition will explore just what the future bank’s interface could look and feel like.

What’s really special about the Mobey Day atmosphere? It’s more than just a place to connect and network—it’s a deep dive into insights in an intimate setting with some of the industry’s biggest players. It’s a place to hear ideas for the very first time and feel inspired to come up with new ones of your own. Sessions are in-depth and will change the way you think about the industry.

What is the bank of the future? Let’s find out.

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