2016 EPA Awards

Vodafone Wins Big Thanks to Focus on Loyalty & Engagement

In Loyalty and Rewards, Mobile Solutions, Tokenization by Giles Sutherland

Vodafone is one of the earliest trailblazers in mobile payments—from the the game-changing peer-to-peer mobile payments platform M-pesa launched in 2007 to a wide number of innovations in mobile payment and NFC wallet solutions, Vodafone has a proven track record of successfully simplifying commerce around the globe.

Vodafone wins EPA & Payment AwardsSo it’s no surprise that last month Vodafone took home six awards for innovation in payments. Vodafone garnered four Emerging Payment Awards: Best Incentive Card, Best Government Dispersal Program, Best Contactless Payment Solution, and Best Payment Wallet Initiative. Just one week later, Vodafone was named Overall Winner at the Payment Awards and also grabbed Engagement and Loyalty Scheme of the Year. Carta is proud to provide transaction processing and mobile payment technologies supporting Vodafone’s tremendous success.

The wins show that, not only can MNOs drive innovation in payments, they are in fact positioned to deliver a deep range of mobile financial services that lead the market — by leveraging their massive subscriber base, technical capabilities, network infrastructure, marketing expertise and merchant relationships. Vodafone is tapping a deep well to deliver these award winning products to market, and we’re excited to see the industry recognition, and even more excited to see what is yet to come!

M-pesa was the first big sign that Vodafone has a unique understanding of both user behaviour and local markets. Since then they’ve consistently invested in customer engagement, and compelling value added services, which are indispensable in driving adoption. New approaches to integration including transit and other wallet services and a recent partnership with digital payments leader Paypal (another initiative powered by Carta) show Vodafone is committed to adding real value to mobile products and putting users first.