True Redundancy: Achieving Max Uptime

In Insights, Security, Technology by Geoff Smith

The world of payments never sleeps, which is why most payment processors guarantee 99.9% uptime. That sounds pretty good… until that 0.01% moment hits.


by Geoff Smith
Director, Information Technology

We don’t believe in taking chances with our customers’ data or service, so we’ve created true redundancies at every single level of Carta’s processing environment. Because we’re global—with clients and services in almost every region and time zone—there is simply no room for downtime. Routine backups, maintenance and monitoring, along with 24/7 on site security are the basics; we use live monitoring systems for all physical and virtual aspects of our environment. But far beyond that, we double up at every level, offering redundancy in a way no other processor can:

Provider Level

Our data centres rely on third party providers for essentials like electricity or internet connectivity. But we don’t count on a single source. For example, we use three separate internet service providers, each entering the island (be it Cyprus or PEI) on two separate undersea cables.

Hardware Level

When it comes to physical hardware, we make sure there’s two—or more—of everything. Whether it’s routers, storage & storage network paths, or servers. If anything affects our main power supply, we have multiple uninterruptible power supplies (provided by different vendors), supported by diesel generators, each offering backup to utility power up to 30-days, tested and proven in real world scenarios.

Software Level

We have multiple data servers across both data centres. But rather than the active-passive setup many processors settle for in order to save money and resources, we maintain an active-active environment: both servers running at the same time. We do any batch processing on dedicated machines, so heavy loads never have an effect on transaction processing. Thanks to our modular system, storage is never an issue—it flexes with demand and load balances to evenly distribute requests, and we never let our servers cross a 50% storage capacity threshold. We are ready to grow at the same rate as the payments industry.

Site Level

As an international processor, we truly are unique in offering double the assurance of uptime. With two separate data centres on two different continents, we have full redundancies on the location level. Most processors operate strictly in the North American market or strictly in Europe, but we do both. Our customers can choose whether they want to keep their data on the continent of origin or doubly secure it in our twin facility overseas, as a safeguard against unpredictabilities like earthquakes, floods or fires. Both centres make use of the latest technology from partners like IBM and HP.

Your customers are making payments at every hour of the day—you can’t afford to have downtime. As you consider your processor, choose a solution that ensures you don’t have to think about service gaps. Because your customers should never know there’s an issue—not even 0.01% of the time.