Taking NFC in bold new directions

NXP & Carta work together to take ‪NFC‬ ‪mobile payments‬ in bold new directions.

In Loyalty and Rewards, News, Wearables by Carta Worldwide

Carta Worldwide is pleased to announced a partnership with NXP that is set to take NFC for mobile payments in bold new directions.

“We envision a world where NFC is the only step needed for any transaction—not only for payments but for loyalty points and rewards, for proximity offers, digital gift cards, coupons and more. We see all these added-value pieces living together in a single digital wallet, seamlessly using embedded Near Field Communication technology, without additional steps. Proximity alone should suffice. We think this is the key to fueling broad adoption of mobile payments.”

Together, Carta and NXP will bring NFC to a wider market and create custom solutions that make the technology more useful in real life.

Read the original post found on the NXP blog.