New DCR-TruCash Mobile Wallet Sets The Bar For Mobile Payments Loyalty

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DCR Strategies-TruCash Launches Multi Use Mobile Wallet with Carta Worldwide’s Cloud-Based Secure Element and Tokenization technology

DCR Strategies Inc. is introducing the TruCash Mobile Wallet with full NFC support, launching this week and will be available in Europe, Canada, USA and Latin America. With the TruCash NFC Mobile Wallet app, card members using an NFC enabled Android device can make tap and go NFC payments, send money on the move, save money through loyalty integration and view detailed transaction history. The TruCash Mobile Wallet application works with all Android, IOS, and Blackberry smartphones, however NFC capabilities are limited to Android and Blackberry.

Simple and Easy to Use

The TruCash NFC Mobile Wallet app turns your NFC enabled phone into a tap and go wallet. Tap your phone to any contactless point of sale device and pay for purchases. Unlike other applications that are limited to barcode technology, the TruCash Wallet adds support for Near Field Communication (NFC) so members can simply tap and pay at tens of thousands of merchants around the world – anywhere that Visa/MasterCard cards are accepted.

Multiple Loyalty Options

The TruCash Mobile Wallet is capable of having multiple loyalty cards loaded into the application for point’s accumulation and “tap and go” rewards. Carry all of your cards on your phone. Digitized prepaid and loyalty cards can be scanned or input via card number into the app. The next time you visit your favorite retailer, you can earn points or cash with a tap. View loyalty points, status, rewards balance and more all in one place with the TruCash Mobile Wallet. And coming soon, take advantage of virtual offers and deal notifications right from your smartphone.


Cloud and NFC Payment

Secured by the latest in Carta Worldwide’s Cloud-Based Secure Element and Tokenization technology, the TruCash Mobile Wallet features multi-layer security backed by network purchase protection. Users are required to provide both password and card information to further eliminate card fraud.

Diana Fletcher, President of DCR Strategies adds “Mobile-payment use increased significantly over the last year. Paying at a point of sale using smartphone apps rose from 2% to 11% last year, and we predict that will at least double in 2014. Consumers are interested in using various mobile-payment methods. DCR partnered with Carta because we believe that consumers’ willingness to use mobile payments depends on the availability of associated functions, and DCR had the vision with Carta to make it happen. It is the only application like this in the world. Mobile payments naturally appeal to consumers because they are quick and easy, but the TruCash Mobile Wallet has the appeal of several other products as well like redeeming loyalty points at POS. We are really focusing on digital technology to offer the best products to our retail network and consumers.”

Brian Semkiw, CEO of Carta Worldwide notes: “This mobile payments wallet will have the most advanced features of any in the world. I commend TruCash for their innovative spirit and their desire to create a product that will compel users to adopt mobile payments into their daily lives”.

Easy to Implement

The wallet application will be available for DCR clients to deliver a branded version for their consumers. In the TruCash NFC Mobile Wallet, you can also track all your purchases, transactions and loads in one place:

  • In-store purchases: Tap and pay at hundreds of thousands of locations around the world, anywhere MasterCard, Visa is accepted.
  • Loading: The application can be loaded from a variety of sources including cash at certified loading stations, Credit/Debit cards or from bank accounts directly.
  • Transactions and Purchase History: View all of your account activity on your phone, instantly.
  • Transfer money using your phone quickly and easily.
  • Loyalty Component personalized to our customers’ needs

About DCR Strategies Inc. / TruCash

DCR Strategies Inc., is an international leader in program management for Incentive-based Prepaid Cards, Debit Cards, Loyalty Products, Payroll and Government Solutions, along with the unique proprietary points-to-cash Loyalty Platform, TruCash. From flexible payment products to proven loyalty solutions, DCR Strategies Inc. (DCR) brings ideas and technology together to help satisfy the world’s payment and affinity needs. Founded in 2002, DCR has grown to become a market leader in the prepaid and loyalty space servicing more than 30 global markets with hundreds of customers that reach millions of users all around the world.

About Carta Worldwide

Carta Worldwide is an international leader in digital transaction technology, specializing in mobile and emerging payments. Carta’s next-generation platform is specifically architected to meet the complexities of the evolving payments environment. It excels where legacy systems are challenged, delivering end-to-end solutions that bridge the gap between financial and mobile systems.