Token Processing Appliance (TPA): Flexibility and Control

In Insights by Elizabeth Duke

In the mobile payment landscape, banks and the processors that power them have been faced with a common compromise: do they risk service and security control by choosing a hosted mobile payment solution?, or do they accept  longer time to market and higher deployment costs by opting for an integrated in-house model?

It’s a dilemma that has slowed many in their quest to respond to user demands for a mobile wallet—and in some cases it has kept them out of the game altogether.

Those days are over. Carta’s new token processing platform means processors, networks and  issuing banks no longer need to choose between flexibility and control.

TPA_IconThe Token Processing Appliance (TPA) is a turnkey solution that simplifies deployment of tokenization services. It’s a highly flexible and easily integrated set of hardware and software modules, implemented on your premises—in a fraction of the time required for an integrated in-house solution.

For domestic networks, processors and large issuers looking to keep up with customer demands for mobile payments, this is revolutionary.

The TPA’s multi-tenant infrastructure means multiple issuers that process through a common platform or network can cost-effectively share a common infrastructure, in private segregated virtual environments.

Mobile Wallet providers can overcome challenges associated with system updates, custom software development and on-going updates with a simplified, scalable offering.  The TPA’s four key modules to support Tokenization and Cloud Based Payments include:

  • Account Management System (AMS), responsible for end-user registration and account management and funding-card registration.
  • Token Management Services (TMS), responsible for all elements of tokenized card credentials including cryptogram validation, fraud management and de-tokenization.
  • Credentials Provisioning and Management (CPM), responsible for provisioning and managing token card and session key credentials to enrolled mobile payment applications.
  • Mobile Payment Application (MPA), provides the user-interface to the end-user. This includes an SDK making it easy to create a full-featured, user-friendly, branded payment application.

All tenants benefit from a flexible long term roadmap—a future-proof solution that can adapt with ever-shifting user needs. The TPA is maximum security with minimum complexity.

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