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True Redundancy: Achieving Max Uptime

In Insights, Security, Technology by Geoff Smith

The world of payments never sleeps, which is why most payment processors guarantee 99.9% uptime. That sounds pretty good… until that 0.01% moment hits.   by Geoff Smith Director, Information Technology We don’t believe in taking chances with our customers’ data …

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Branded Payment Programs

In Insights, Technology by Paul Brandner

This past Labour Day long weekend I was driving up to my in-laws’ cottage north of Toronto. As you do, we stopped at Tim Horton’s to fuel up on caffeine and sugar. Surrounding the lake-bound throng were ads for a …

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Carta Worldwide’s Processing Platform Architecture

In Insights, Video by Rui Mendes

Carta offers a technology stack engineered for the digital and emerging transaction ecosystem. The modular layers allow you to leverage an integrated end-to-end solution, or access any of the functionality independently to enhance existing systems. This open architecture enables unparalleled …