Case Study: Novum Bank – Germany

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Novum Bank selects Carta Worldwide as processing platform for prepaid card and debit card portfolios. Carta implemented the processor transition seamlessly, transferring 250,000 PrePaid cards in 3 days.

Novum Bank – Germany

Industry: Program Manager/Issuer

Novum Bank provides transparent and simple Cards and Stored Value solutions to the new generation in Europe. Novum holds a full banking license (incl. eMoney License) passported into the EU/EEA region. At the heart of the Novum brand are innovation and doing things “the new way”.

The problem

Transition Novum’s existing PrePaid and Debit Card portfolio over to Carta’s next generation processor without requiring significant time and cost.

The solution

Carta provides Novum with a fully configurable and customizable platform that delivers unparalleled efficiency, stability and security. Novum Bank switched its entire PrePaid Card portfolio, consisting of 200,000+ cards, as well as their Debit Card portfolio’s over to Carta’s next-gen global transaction processor. Traditionally the process of migrating an entire card portfolio to a new processor would require significant time and cost. However with Carta’s technology, Novum completed the processor transition seamlessly in 3 days with no service disruption for cardholders, who are able to retain existing plastics. Carta’s platform has been engineered to leverage its clients’ existing infrastructure and evolve to meet the complexities of modern payment applications. This platform architecture is both mobile and digital transaction ready. Carta’s future-proof functionality enables ongoing program innovation for Novum Bank.

“We could not have asked for the migration to have gone any better.”

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