Case Study: Lycamoney – United Kingdom

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Carta’s General Purpose Reloading (GPR) and Prepaid solution helps increase Lycamobile’s margin through low cost top-ups, aids in identifying customers through new account and loyalty plans, and adds new incremental revenue with add-on services like mobile money transfers.

Lycamobile- UK | Lycamoney

Industry: Mobile (MVNO), Program Manager

Lycamobile is the world’s largest MVNO serving over 30 million customers across 16 countries. Since 2006 Lycamobile has grown rapidly with operations in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA.

The problem

Lycamoney had a vision to change the market trend from the ‘normal’ prepaid card. They were looking for a reliable, innovative processing partner that shared their vision for looking after their clients.

The solution

The Lycamoney Card product has been designed with their customers in mind. Lycamoney wanted to give their subscribers the best possible product available with the features and benefits that appeal to them. Carta’s Transaction Processing and Prepaid solutions helped increase Lycamobile’s margin through low cost top-ups, enhanced customer engagement, and adds new incremental revenue with add-on services like mobile money transfers.

Since its launch, we can now offer prepaid cards to 30 million Lyca customers across 17 countries.

“We have a vision to change the market trend to the ‘normal’ prepaid card, we had to find a working partner that shared our vision for looking after our clients. We have worked with Carta for a number of years and see them as a reliable and innovative partner. From their support team assisting us with customer enquiries, to project plans for new products and programs and to general day to day enquires, Carta have always strived to give us the best possible service. Our vision for the future is very exciting and new directions are always on the horizon, with Carta’s new and exciting products coming on board, we feel that we have the perfect partner for us to get Lycamoney to become a market leader.”

Carta’s platform has been engineered to leverage its clients’ existing infrastructure and evolve to meet the complexities of modern payment applications. This platform architecture is both mobile and digital transaction ready. Carta’s future-proof functionality enables ongoing program innovation for Lycamobile.

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