Case Study: DCR | TruCash – Canada

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DCR Strategies – TruCash, one of Canada’s largest program managers, launches Multi Use Mobile Wallet with NFC using Carta Remote SE and HCE technology.

DCR | TruCash – Canada

Industry: Program Manager/Issuer

DCR Strategies Inc., is an international leader in program management for Incentive-based Prepaid Cards, Debit Cards, Loyalty Products, Payroll and Government Solutions, along with the unique proprietary points-to-cash Loyalty Platform, TruCash. From flexible payment products to proven loyalty solutions, DCR Strategies Inc. (DCR) brings ideas and technology together to help satisfy the world’s payment and affinity needs. Founded in 2002, DCR has grown to become a market leader in the prepaid and loyalty space servicing more than 30 global markets with hundreds of customers that reach millions of users all around the world.

The problem

DCR wanted to rapidly innovate and move their cardprograms into the mobile environment.

The solution

Carta enables DCR to launch Multi Use Mobile Wallet with NFC using Carta Remote SE and HCE technology. DCR Strategies introduced the TruCash Mobile Wallet with full NFC support, available in Europe, Canada, USA and Latin America. With the TruCash NFC Mobile Wallet app, card members using an NFC enabled Android device can make tap and go NFC payments, send money on the move, save money through loyalty integration and view detailed transaction history.

The TruCash Mobile Wallet is capable of having multiple loyalty cards loaded into the application for point’s accumulation and “tap and go” rewards – allowing their customers to carry all of their cards on their phone. Digitized prepaid and loyalty cards can be scanned or input via card number into the app. Users can view loyalty points, status, rewards balance and more all in one place with the TruCash Mobile Wallet. Future functionality allows virtual offers and deal notifications right from the users smartphone.

Carta’s next generation payment and processing solution allows us to be nimble and responsive to our customers, enabling us to deliver the most innovative new payments products for rapidly changing business environments. The speed at which Carta was able to create ground breaking programs was exceptional.
-Diana Fletcher, President of DCR Strategies Inc.

Secured by the latest in Carta’s Remote Secure Element and Tokenization technology, the TruCash Mobile Wallet features multi-layer security backed by network purchase
protection. Users are protected with password and account validation further eliminate card fraud. Carta’s platform has been engineered to leverage its clients’ existing infrastructure and evolve to meet the complexities of modern payment applications. This platform architecture is both mobile and digital transaction ready. Carta’s futureproof functionality enables ongoing program innovation for DCR Strategies.

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