Branded Payment Programs

In Insights, Technology by Paul Brandner

This past Labour Day long weekend I was driving up to my in-laws’ cottage north of Toronto. As you do, we stopped at Tim Horton’s to fuel up on caffeine and sugar. Surrounding the lake-bound throng were ads for a Tim Horton’s branded, rewards credit card.


by Paul Brandner
Director of Marketing

For those international readers, In Canada, Tim Horton’s is a way of life. It’s part addiction and part cultural identity. The advantage a company like this has in launching a payment program is their connection or level of customer loyalty. It’s the key to mass adoption of any new payment technology – a prepaid card, a credit card or a mobile payment product rollout. For users to truly embrace your program, they have to love you.Companies that are successfully rolling out payment programs (think Starbucks) already have a strong emotional connection with their users. As you consider a credit, prepaid or a mobile payment program, don’t just think about technology: invest in deepening your connection with users and building a brand your customers don’t want to live without.Looking ahead to the fall and what’s in-store within the payments industry, I’m excited to see new technologies introduced to the market that offer innovative ways to connect directly with consumers and deliver experiences that really enhance daily shopping experiences.